About Me

My name is Ashly.


Inspired by, and named after, my 2 wildly lovable children, Alice & Eddy Party is the secret weapon for the overwhelmed or uninspired parent. It is an online boutique of carefully curated party supplies, "ready-to-party" & customized packages delivered right to your doorstep.

I know what it's like to look up and realize that your kid's birthday is 2 weeks away. Did you forget? Of course not! (Not really, anyway). But between career, home, commute, life, & never ending mommy duties, planning a party can easily make its way down the priority list. And that doesn't mean you don't want the party to be amazing, right?! As parents, we want the 'WOW' factor because the little people in our lives deserve it.  

In my past life, I was busy building my career in the NBA--coordinating both small and large scale events. After having two kiddos,  I threw my professional skill set and love for party planning & DIY into every birthday, every play date, every gathering, with intentions to create a little magic for all the tiny humans (& parents) involved.

So here I am, circa 2017, launching a party site to help you create a remarkably cool experience for that special little someone. 

Thank you for visiting. I'm so glad you're here.