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Adjustable Kiddie Crown of Stars

I think that it's always a cute idea to give the birthday girl or boy a "badge of honor". As if everyone didn't already know, it's her/his special day & these types of special touches will have your kid beaming! 

Today, I'm going to talk you through making an adjustable crown. I like anything that is adjustable when it comes to my kids because they grown so fast ( adjustable waist pants are possibly thee best invention in children's wear in the history of clothes. Just saying.) Anyways, I like the idea of an adjustable crown because Alice has very curly hair. When it is down, it adds about 2 curly inches of volume to each side of her face! If you're facing similar scenarios (or you just want to be able to make the crown bigger so you can sneak & wear it when the kiddos aren't home) this crown will fit wonderfully no matter what!

What you'll need:

- Pipe cleaners in your choice color 

-Ribbon to match 

- Two (2) beads...or more if you want to go crazy with them!

-A stencil or cookie cutter in the shape of a star (if you are like me and want an easy-peasy way to make your shape)



That's it!

Now, for the easiest DIY crown you'll ever need:

1- Leaving about 5 inches free on one end, wrap an individual pipe cleaner tightly around your cookie cutter to form your shape; wrap end of pipe cleaner to complete the star. Cut excess pipe. Leave the 5 inches of pipe on the other side free. 

Side Note: The great thing about pipe cleaners is they are super easy to bend and hold shape very well. Once you wrap your ends, there will be no need to super glue. YES! 


2- Slide a bead onto the free end of the pipe cleaner. This will be one of two end pieces. 

3- Fold pipe cleaner around your thumb to make a loop and secure the loop by inserting the end of the pipe cleaner into the bead. 


4- Repeat step one as needed. I alternated between red & purple pipe cleaners!

Remember: Only the end pieces need to look like the picture above! For all other stars, you only need about an inch of excess--use it to attach each star to the one before it.  


5- If you want a sturdier crown, or if you just like to have as little waste as possible, use the small cut pieces of pipe to secure the stars together at the top points. 


6- Once you've added enough stars to the crown, making sure to attache the end pieces accordingly, slip in some pretty ribbon through the end loops!

Now, no matter how big or small the head, or how straight or curly the hair, you have a crown that fits! Tighten or loosen the ribbon to your needs! 


How easy was that?

Until next time,

Ashly, Alice & Eddy