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Balloon Wreath for Fall!

Balloons are definitely in my top 5 favorite things for decorating right now. Kids love 'em, Adults dig 'em -- you basically can do no wrong. 


I had an unused wreath frame & I though, 'Hey....I bet this would look "BOMB" covered in balloons." ("Bomb" is still OK to use as slang, right? I'm not sure...I'm showing my age, huh?) Anyways...

SO...this is going to be a super easy DIY. Pick whatever colors you like; I chose colors that gave off a fall vibe.

Materials Needed:
Wreath Frame


Balloon Pump (optional)

Balloon Tape (optional)

Faux leaves 

Step 1: Blow balloons up to various sizes and tie tightly. Make sure to leave enough slack to tie the balloons to the wreath.


Step 2: Tie balloons onto wreath leaving approx. one inch between each base. This will give you a little wiggle room to rearrange the balloons to your liking.


Step 3: Continue step 2 around the entire wreath. Color placement is determined by your style. Have fun with it! I started off wanting to do an ombre orange wreath and then changed my mind after adding in the yellow. It's ok! Do what you do. :)


Notice the spaces? We'll take care of that.

Step 4: Use the faux leaves to fill in the spaces by weaving the leaves through the wreath. 

I had a single large leaf. If you are in the same boat as I was, use a pair of wire cutters to cut your larger leaf into multiple, smaller leaves. 


That's it! Hang on your door, place on your table with a large candle in the middle for a centerpiece, let your kids walk around the house (or in public) using it as crown; the possibilities are endless! 


I hope you enjoy making this wreath!

Until next time,

Ashly from Alice & Eddy Party.