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Fruity Balloon Straws

Summer has come to an end but here, in Texas, its still in the low 90's -- Summer at its finest. With that being said, my mind is still on the fresh and fruity, summer-y craft ideas & party inspiration. And why not? Fresh fruit is always in! These fruity balloon straws are super easy to make -- All you need are water balloons, green craft paper, & straws; no glue needed! 


These fruity balloon straws are super easy to make -- All you need are water balloons, green craft/cardstock paper, & straws; no glue needed! Aaannd, if you're feeling really fancy, grab yourself a manual balloon pump. I never really cared to buy one until recently and, let me tell you, my lungs love me for it. It makes a world of difference in your crafting experience. 


1- Pick out what kind of "fruit" you want to make and pick out the balloons in colors that make sense. I wanted to make grapes, strawberries, lemons, limes, and oranges -- a nice citrus color pallet. 

2- Match these balloons to matching straws. No need to get all "match-y match-y". It doesn't have to match, it just has to go. Keep it fun!


3- Sketch out different leaf shapes on the back side of your construction paper. If you are more of an a-type personality, you can always google search what specific fruit leaves look like. That's what I did but it's really not that serious. Seriously. 

If I can avoid using glue or tape in a craft project, I do -- I like simplicity and a bunch of glue or tape sticking to my fingers uncontrollably frustrates me, probably more than the average human being. That leads us to step four:

4- Cut small slits at the center edge of each leaf. (This will allow you to slide the leaf onto the balloons once they are tied around the straws; it works better with card stock than your typical construction paper. It will hold up better. )

IMG_3388 copy.jpg

5- Blow the balloons up to sizes that seem life-size. This is why it is better to use water balloons instead of regular latex balloons. They are smaller in size and only require a minimum amount of air to take shape.

Make sure to pull the excess material tightly so you don't lose what little air you put into these babies!

6-Use the excess material to tie your "fruit" around the straws.

7- Slide leaves onto the balloon base between it and the straw it is attached to.


I hope you enjoy making these with your little ones! I'm sure they are going to love drinking from them. Make your next celebration a tutty-fruity themed party to incorporate these babies as decoration or make 'em just because this weekend. Either way, they will be awesome! 


Until next time,