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Hip-Hop Valentine's Wreath

When the kids are in the car, it's all Elsa and Moana all the time. When it's just me, I like some good ol' hip hop and RnB -- the kind of music that I jammed to all the time before having kids. 

In case you've been living in a bubble that doesn't give you access to pop-culture, then you know that Beyonce and Cardi B had one hell of a 2017. Beyonce and her twins and the perfect boobs her pregnancy gave her and Cardi B in pretty much every song she's put out. 

With that being said, they are my inspiration for these valentine's day wreaths. 

photo 4.jpeg
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.02.45 AM.png
  • Heart-Shaped Wreath Frame
  • Pom Pop in Assorted Colors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Letters to spell out 'Cardi - B Mine' and 'Bey Mine' printed out on card stock
  • Cardi B and Beyonce "Heart-Eye" Faces. Download  here and here
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.31.16 AM.png
  1.  With a hot glue gun, arrange pom poms along the wreath frame. Hold the poms down along the frame for several moments before releasing or they won't hold for long.
  2. If you are making an ombre effect, it helps to have different size poms....use the smaller poms as a gradient effect onto the next color.
  3. Arrange the words and faces along the wreaths. Once you are happy with how it looks, glue them down to their place.
  4. Choose a door and hang it up!