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Game Day Spirit Flags

March Madness is here and we are so excited! This is the perfect time to bring everyone together for some "friendly" team competition and entertainment. When I was in high school and college a long (not that long) time ago, spirit flags were a staple at games.  This inspired me to make some fun game-day flags that would work perfectly in a basketball-themed house party. 

*Felt Flags & Sheets  *Wooden Dowels  *Hot Glue Gun  *X-acto Knife  *Printed Basketball Phrases  *White Paint

*Felt Flags & Sheets

*Wooden Dowels

*Hot Glue Gun

*X-acto Knife

*Printed Basketball Phrases

*White Paint


Now, you know I am an advocate for easy, kid-friendly crafts and with a 3-year old, I'm still a little hesitant about handing over scissors that can properly cut through thicker materials. With that being said, these flags were bought already cut at my local craft store. I searched out some of my favorite fonts on my computer and printed these basketball phrases out on my Silhouette machine. Mamas gotta take short-cuts when mamas can! 

Here's a quick reminder: Use really short catch phrases or words. Also, remember that these flags will decrease in space towards the right end; that means that you will have to decrease your font size accordingly. I started anywhere from a 300-200 font size for the first letter and decreased the size of each letter following by 20-25. 

Here's how you finish these bad boys up:

one:  Paint your wooden dowels (we used white, but, as usual, I'm an advocate for doing your own thing and having fun. Paint them whatever color you'd like! ) Let dry.

two: Print out the phrases and cut them out on the felt sheets using precision scissors, an X-acto knife or the real MVP of any crafter: A Silhouette or Circuit machine. 

three: Glue the phrases onto the flag from right to left to ensure that the smallest letter fits properly into the most narrow side of the flag.

four: Using your X-acto knife, cut two small incisions at the center, wider-end of the flag about half an inch apart.

five: Thread a wooden dowel into the incision spots each of the flags 

six: Flip flags over and glue the wooden dowels down onto the back side of the flag.