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March Madness Welcome Matt

Who's been getting their brackets ready for the NCAA tournament? I've been a big Duke fan since the days of Alana Beard. Loved UConn because Geno Auriemma is just a bad ass and so was Diana Taurasi. But then I graduated from Texas A&M and my allegiance (kindda) came back home to the south. 

Regardless of alliances and bracket lay-out, it's time to par-tay! Let your guests know what they are getting themselves into with this fun welcome matt.


Materials: Natural Fiber Doormat (I bought mine from Amazon), White paint, Color (of choice) spray paint, box cutter, cutting matt, ruler, vinyl letters 


One: Cut corners of door matt to round them off. This is optional; I rounded my matt off because I prefer rounded edges.


Two: Paint your matt white. Let dry. Painting it white will allow for the colored paint to show more vibrantly and make the phrase prettier and easier to read.

Three: Place your vinyl stickers onto the matt to spell out your phrase. Note: Vinyl stickers are (typically) permanent but will not work that way on a fibrous matt. It will, however, allow you them to stay in place while spray painting your second, colored, spray paint which is why they are so good for these kinds of projects. 

Here's a tip: Place your letters from the center out so that your complete phrase will be perfectly centered. I placed my 'S', in 'HOUSE' and the 'N' in 'MADNESS' first and worked my way towards the edges of the matt. 


Four: Spray paint the matt with your top coat. Let Dry

Five: Peel off vinyl stickers. 

That's It! 

It's Mar 12 which means Selection Monday! I'm too excited. From my House of Madness to Yours.

Until Next Time.